Tiny Locks

Tiny Lock hair extensions are one of the latest and smallest hair extensions available on the market, they are considerably smaller than most ring methods on the market such as micro rings and fusion bonds. The tiny locks are exclusive to Magic Mirror Hair Extensions.


They are one of the most exciting developments in the hair extension industry due to the size of them, many celebrities are currently wearing this method. They are an excellent cold system for people with very fine/thin hair or those that want lots around the sides and top without them showing too much. They are extremely gentle on the hair, no adhesives or heat are used to attach them, they are simply held in place with a tiny ring connection.


The Tiny Lock hair extensions won’t pull or bend on application.  They will stay in place for several months or until you wish to reposition/rotate them when they grow down. The hair can be reused for up to 9 months. They're also extremely comfortable when sleeping, as they are so small and flat against the scalp.


Tiny Locks are truly fabulous for adding thickness for people who have suffered from hair loss, whether this be genetic or for a medical reason, Tiny Lock hair extensions will help your hair to grow without weighing it down.

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These are our most luxurious, longest lasting extensions. They use no heat, no glue and no braiding. Just a tiny locking system. EasiLocks are worn by many celebrities and can be re used, lasting up to 1 year.


The hair comes in 40 stunning shades including highlighted and ombre colours, which can be a apllied using one of 10 shades of the locks to match your root colour, giving you that near invisible connection.


Refits can be arrange for every 6-12 weeks and the hair can be re used for up to 1 year.


We retail all of the Easilocks aftercare products to help you keep your hair maintained to the highest standard, as well as an and aftercare guide to make sure you are able to look after them correctly.