Keratin Bonds


Fusion bonding is a widely used method that is durable and and long-lasting. It will not damage your natural hair.


Fusion bonded hair extensions are perfectly safe and harm free to your natural hair when the correct product and application is used.


The bonding resin that we use is Keratin based, which is made of a natural protein that won't break the hair shaft. It is gentle to your hair and can be easily removed unlike alot of other types of adhesives which tend to be silicon based. Silicon glue is difficult to remove and can damage your natural hair.


You can straighten, curl and brush your hair extensions as normal. I can blend colours to create high/low-lights. This method will give you tiny bonds like the celebrities, you will get maximum volume, thickness and free movement. Depending on your natural hair growth, your extensions will last 3-4 months or even longer depending on your natural hair. This method is ideal for holidays as it is durable and highly secure.


The extensions should be removed professionally with the appropriate adhesive remover using a massage technique to avoid any unnecessary damage to the hair by pulling or tugging.

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