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General Aftercare


Your hair will feel tight for the first few days so do not wear it in a high pony tail during this period. Low pony is fine. Weave extensions should not be worn up high on a regular basis as the weight may cause tension.


Avoid swimming and salty water. Hair extensions are at risk of damage and discolouration during holidays. To minimise damage you can wet your hair and comb through with conditioner before sun, sea or chlorine exposure.


Use a serum or oil dailly and aim to brush your hair twice a day using a tangle tamer and/or a soft bristled brush, avoiding bobble ended brushes as they can cause damage to the extensions.


Always brush starting from the ends of the hair upwards and hold the hair when brushing the ends to avoid any unnecessary tugging and pulling on the roots.


When sleeping tie hair back in a low ponytail, loose braid or loose bun. NEVER sleep without tying hair away.


Keep the ends of your hair moist at all times by using hair extension products such as serums (Moroccan or argon oil) and daily conditioners.


Avoid colouring your hair & extensions. If you do you, you  will need to do a strand test on the extensions first. If you colour you own hair, wait at least 2 weeks and only colour your parting and edges (T- section) completely avoiding rings / bonds.

If you do get colour on the extensions this may affect the quality and cause the extensions to become loose or slip out.


Wrap in a towel when using sun beds to avoid drying out the extensions.  


Washing & Drying


DO NOT leave to dry naturally or brush whilst wet. Dry your hair 50% before using a standard brush. A wide tooth comb can be used prior if necessary.


Wash your hair no more then twice a week where possible. You may wash the

T section of your hair more often if necessary.


Always tilt your head backwards and not forwards when washing and wash in warm to cool water. Not hot!


Use products specifically designed for hair extensions and alcohol / sulphate free products. We retail a range of luxury hair care products designed to keep your hair at its best. These include shampoo's, Conditioners, Argan oils and much more.


Only use conditioner from midway down the hair DO NOT use on the roots.


Do not rub or squeeze the hair tightly when wet as this can cause tangling, use soft patting movements to wash and dry.


Towel dry first by patting do not twist then blow dry the bonds on a COOL setting ensuring they are completely dry.


Do not use any oils, serums or anything other than sulphate free shampoo on the roots as this can cause the bonds to slip.

If you want to get the most out of your extensions then you must follow ALL aspects of the following advice.

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Have Maintenance every 4-8 weeks. Be extra careful with your hair extensions to ensure they last and do not damage your natural hair. Do not pull or tug them when styling as this can cause hair loss. Be gentle and brush them daily to avoid matting and tangling. If you need help you can contact us directly or a professional stylist / hair extension technician.

Hair extensions without any maintenance must be removed professionally after 3 months of being fitted.